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Dentist Specials

Begin your search now for a dentist offering specials...

The dentists listed here are offering special prices on tooth whitening, exams, cleanings,
Sports Mouth Guards, and Sealants. Participation is voluntaryand prices and participation may vary.
Only dentists who participate in the "White for Life™" Program must offer specific savings to their patients.

The minimum requirements are:

At least 50% off regular pricing for initial tooth whitenting when you schedule an appointment
for an exam and cleaning. (Most Participating Dentist are charging less than $100 for initial whitening)

At least 50% off regular tooth whitening prices once per year.
Only those patients who receive two annual exams and
cleanings qualify for the savings on all re-whitening procedures.
(Many dentists offer re-whitening free of charge as long as
you schedule two appointments per year for exams and cleanings)

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