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How We Choose Our Cosmetic Dentists

Each listed dentist is selected through a highly disciplined screening process. They are in fact, chosen by their peers, not by

Most patients are not aware that skillful cosmetic dentists will utilize the services of as many as five different dental professionals in order to achieve their goals of excellent esthetic results for the patient.

The above-mentioned dental professionals include oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, and prosthetic dental laboratories.

Each of these professionals will work with approximately two hundred general or cosmetic dentists.

This is why our Research & Survey department has accumulated a database of over 20,000 dental specialists who we continually interview, to determine who they consider to be the highest skilled dentists with whom they work.

There are many reasons why the opinion of the specialist is so valuable.

When a general dentist chooses to utilize the services of a specialist in order to achieve the best results for the patient, the specialist has the opportunity to examine the dentist's work.




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