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Endowment Program for the Advancement of Cosmetic Dentistry

Every month United Dental Resources in cooperation with provides a chance to win a free tooth whitening, or a $10,000 dental grant to help improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry.

Register here to receive the smile of your dreams and possibly become the next patient to receive our $10,000 grant!

Next drawing: 11/01/2020


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Welcome to the Cosmetic Dentist Directory

Choosing a cosmetic dentist or proceeding with cosmetic dentistry can be one of the most life changing decisions you'll ever make. Choosing the right dentist will be equally important.

Although there are many very high quality dentists available to treat your needs, believes that choosing to proceed with cosmetic dentistry should not rely on a random choice from the phone book.

Since the commitment to proceed with cosmetic dentistry is one of the greatest gifts that a person will give to them self, we are here to ensure that the cosmetic dentist that you have chosen, has a reputation for providing exceptionally high quality cosmetic dentistry.

When you Search Our Database of Cosmetic Dentists, you can be assured that the cosmetic dentist listed for your community, has been selected by his or her peers as, "the best cosmetic dentist I've ever worked with." See "How we choose our Cosmetic Dentists."

If your search of our database of cosmetic dentists produces no search results, you can be assured that with our submission form, the cosmetic dentist directory will locate and identify the cosmetic dentist most qualified to produce the highest quality cosmetic dentistry for you in your community.

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